About me


I’m a French artist specialized in custom pet art since 2015 and the girl behind this shop!

I’ve been blessed to complete hundreds of pet portraits for their owners or friends. I love capturing your pet’s uniqueness and will work with you until it’s perfect!

I want to create an artwork that you will treasure, so I make sure to involve you in the process with any ideas you might have for the portrait. That means unlimited revisions until your pet’s portrait is perfect!

I hope that the result will be a personalized artwork that will last for many years.


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An artistic career was never really part of my plan. Although I loved art, my younger self thought that pursuing an art-related career art would be far too difficult, so I chose to study business at school until I got my master’s degree.

When I completed my studies, I achieved one of my dreams by spending a few months traveling around Asia as a backpacker. After that, I moved to Paris to find a nice job and start a normal life (or so I thought!).

After five years of working in mostly unfulfilling roles in marketing and trying to fit in with ”normal” life, I came to the realization that this lifestyle was not for me and that I had to change my life entirely.

So I applied for a Japanese working-holiday visa and left France!


From 2015 to 2016, I lived in Osaka, Japan where I worked as a bartender (without speaking Japanese!) and as a video game tester (that was fun!). It was at this time that I also started to learn more about drawing and, little by little, I began exploring and experimenting with Photoshop. I also had the idea to create custom portraits of people.


After my year in Japan, I set my sights on Australia, where I stayed for seven months on another working-holiday visa.

In Sydney, I worked as a waitress at a German restaurant, but everybody noticed my French accent! The pay was surprisingly good in Australia, so I was able to save quite a bit of money in just three months, which I then spent on a three-week roadtrip across the west coast of Australia with a friend.

At the same time, I was working hard to build up my online custom portraits store. A lot of people who saw my portraits asked if I could do portraits of their pets as well. The idea had never crossed my mind, but I knew it sounded like fun! I began to add custom pet portraits to my online shop, and that is when my online store really started to work!


After exploring Australia, I decided to take another working-holiday visa in New Zealand for four months. I explored this beautiful country through an 4,000-kilometer roadtrip, this time on my own.

I was able to manage my custom portraits business while traveling because I only needed my computer and a WiFi connection to make my art. You could usually find me working in the evenings at my campground or in public libraries along the way.

Today, I’m still traveling and exploring the world, but I now have more time to focus on my pet portraits store!